BMW 325i Pitstop at Pace

BMW 325i Pitstop at Pace

Summer’s here with its long lazy days, brilliant blue skies and warm balmy nights. And with the holiday period looming, many of us start to think about taking advantage of the break and give into that urge to get away from it all for a respite from the everyday routine.

Sometimes these breaks are planned, giving you ample time to get yourself ready and your vehicle, whilst others are spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment events.

For those of us blessed with children, the spontaneous events tend to be few and far between. This usually gives us plenty of time to get everything ready including ensuring that the car has been into see us at Pace Auto Werks for its annual log book service and that it’s ready for its yearly pilgrimage down South, up North or, for those brave folk, across the Nullarbor.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to wake up one morning and decide that Margaret River is calling you NOW , being able to get your car in for a service prior to that spontaneous scenic drive can be a little difficult. And, let’s be honest, there would be nothing worse than having your car sitting on the side of the road, miles away from anywhere while you sit sizzling in the summer sunshine, cursing your bad luck.

So what’s the solution to this dilemma? Put off your trip? Take a chance and hope for the best? Well, here at Pace, we have a quick and easy answer – our new Pitstop inspection.

Once your vehicle is here at Pace for a Pitstop inspection, our technicians will cover the following items on your vehicle:-

* Check all under bonnet levels and top up as necessary. This includes checking the engine oil, power steering oil and brake fluid levels, testing the brake fluid hygroscopic (moisture) condition, and topping up the washer fluid and adding detergent.

* Check all belts and pulleys and carry out a visual inspection on the brake discs and pads.

* Check and correct tyre pressures and re-set tyre pressure monitoring. Our technicians will also inspect your tyres and let you know if you have uneven tyre wear and may require a wheel alignment or if you will need to look at replacing your tyres, due to tread wear of punctures.

* Check all lighting functions and replace any blown globes, saving you the hassle and ensuring that your vehicle has all lighting functions fully operational.

* Check wiper and washer functions, and adjust the washer jets. Your wipers are an important safety feature on your vehicle and legally must be in perfect working order.

Even if you’re not heading away, the Pit-stop inspection can give you peace of mind,

AMG C63 Pitstop at Pace

AMG C63 Pitstop at Pace

especially if you or your loved one, has little or no knowledge of general maintenance of a vehicle. It’s perfect for those on their P-plates who have yet to develop their experience in maintaining a vehicle safely, or elderly drivers who no longer feel comfortable carrying out these routine checks on a regular basis, or even those of us who just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day.

All this for our customers for only $50 + any globes, wiper blades, oil etc and it only takes around an hour to complete.

So, set your mind at ease and call us to organise your Pit-stop at Pace today.

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