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The servicing and maintenance of the modern European vehicle is a complex technical procedure that requires much attention to detail to maintain the safety and longevity of your vehicle’s performance and value. Advanced electronics and computers control your cars operation, ie: engine, transmission, ABS braking, stability control and dashboard management systems all communicate with each other via digital information.

Pace Auto Werks has refined their service procedures to maximise your satisfaction and convenience with this necessary procedure and provide our clients with a clear picture of the costs involved. Even if your vehicle is still under warranty from the manufacturer, Pace Auto Werks is accredited to take care of all your servicing requirements.

At Pace Auto Werks, each vehicle is inspected and serviced according to its particular requirements and general condition. This can vary greatly depending on the conditions it has been subject to and your driving style. Any items requiring immediate attention will be priced and the maintenance authorised by the client prior to commencement of the work.The high quality lubricant products and parts we use and recommend are OEM backed (manufacturer approved) or are genuine replacement parts supplied at our recommendation.

With a vehicle that is new to the Pace Auto Werks servicing schedules, we recommend our Baseline Service that consists of a comprehensive bumper to bumper inspection which delivers a concise overview of the vehicles condition. A prioritised list of any items that require attention and engine oil and filter change from $415.00. Should the vehicle require, or the client request fully synthetic oil (Mobil 1 or Penrite equivalent) the cost will raise to around $465.00 depending on the quantity of oil required.

Almost all European vehicles will have a documented service history that dictate the requirements at the designated service intervals and will notify the driver of a service due by illuminating a service light on the instrument cluster. An equation of distance travelled, running time and number of engine starts is calculated to provide this. Under no circumstances should this warning light be ignored.

With advancements in automotive technologies, service intervals have been extended up around 25,000kms. This can equate to 2, 3, or 4 years service without an inspection being performed.Pace Auto Werks recommends an interim service to replace engine oil and filter and an examination of all the fluid levels, check brakes and lighting and reset tyre pressures to maintain engine life and vehicle safety standards. This is done at the client’s request and discretion.

It must be stated that Pace Auto Werks is not into the over servicing of any vehicle or its components. We are dedicated to delivering a high level of service and vehicle maintenance to our clientele in a transparent and friendly manner.

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