Inspection 1 Service Schedule (A Service)

1. Inspect service booklet for replacements due ie: filters, timing belts etc.

2. Replace engine oil and filter

3. Rotate wheels, re-set tyre pressures including spare & clean wheels

4. Clean down and inspect brake linings for percentage remaining and brake hose condition

5. Measure rotor thickness and report . Clean & copper coat hubs.

6. Check exterior and interior lighting and replace bulbs as necessary.

7. Thorough inspection of undercar including steering and suspension to identify any defects or fluid leakage and report

8. Check wiper blade condition and washer operation, replace and adjust nozzles as necessary

9. Test brake fluid and report or replace under instruction

10. Test coolant for glycol content and age and replace under instruction

11. Inspect drive belt and pulley condition and report

12. Inspect engine air and cabin filters and replace as necessary

13. Stamp service booklet

14. Connect scanner to vehicle ECU to re-set service indicator and extract fault code data

15. Inspect and top up under bonnet fluids as necessary.

If 100,000km service, recommend replacing transmission and diff oils.

16. Add tyre shine, engine shine, battery terminal protector and window wash

17. Add injector cleaner

18. Test drive, re-inspect under bonnet levels and under car for any leaks or faults

19. Vacuum interior and wipe down dash