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February 2014

BMW Reveals a New Era with Front Wheel Drive 2-Series

Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / February 25, 2014

There is usually a great difference between a vehicle presented to the world as a concept car and what actually drives into the dealership for sale. BMW, however, has broken this trend with its new 2-Series Active Tourer, a versatile 5 seat MPV, which it first introduced to the world…Read More

Mercedes Introduces New Compact SUV

Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / February 5, 2014

If you’re in the market for a compact SUV, Mercedes might have just the answer that you’re looking for with its new Mercedes-Benz GLA. Stylishly sleek, the GLA combines the right amount of sportiness with comfort, making it the perfect option for those who live in the city or for…Read More