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August 2014

When Good Oil Goes Bad

Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / August 22, 2014

Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t service your vehicle…ever? The photo’s below show a job our technicians undertook last year. And boy, it was a big one. This 2004 BMW X3 has probably only had one or two oil services since it drove out of the dealership….Read More

The BMW M Series Evolution

Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / August 15, 2014

No more M3 coupe! For those of us who have always dreamed of having our very own supercar sitting in our garage, it sounds like the end of a dream. In reality though, it’s anything but… …The M3 coupe still lives and breathes, but as of late 2014 it will…Read More