Log Book Service Perth

Welcome to the Premier Log Book Service Perth

If you are looking for a car repair service, Pace Motors is the ideal choice for you. Apart from repairing minor tune ups or major overhauls, we also provide the best logbook service Perth for all your needs and requirements. Our expertise is geared to examine your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini or VW the way the manufacturer intended.

Pace Motors Log Book Service Perth

All measures, checks and mechanical replacement components are done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This means that precision and accuracy standards are strictly adhered to by our trained and professional technicians. Using high quality manufacturer parts and oils, you are guaranteed of a log book service Perth that provides value for your money.

Furthermore, you get advice on how regularly you should service your car to ensure it runs economically, is reliable and operates safely. Our customer friendly experts tailor each service according to your requirements giving an added personal touch.

Pace Motors utilises the latest diagnostics equipment which provides a fast log book service that saves on both time and money. In short, come in for a repair and you will only wait for the shortest time possible.

Our experts have relevant experience in wheel alignment, wheel balancing, suspension and shocks, brakes, cooling systems, and exhaust systems, among others. This has made us the trusted and one-stop log book service destination in the whole region. Our wide portfolio of satisfied clients attests to our reliability and commitment to providing a top notch service.

Advantages of a Log book service German Car Specialist

Enjoy our competitive rates on all car repair services with no compromise on quality. We check on your fluid levels and do filter and oil changes on every visit. This helps in the optimisation of your engine performance and helps it run at its best between each log book service. Why simply pay more at a dealership?

Be guaranteed that your car’s lifespan will be maximised with the inspection we carry out to identify underlying problems that are not easy to detect. Afterwards, the service is tailored depending on your car’s age and mileage maintaining a high value and optimum fuel economy.

Moreover, we book you much quicker and ensure we give back your car as soon as possible. We are passionate about giving you a mechanical repair that is hassle free and gives you peace of mind.

If your car is due for a log book service Perth, do not hesitate to contact us for all your needs.

Vehicles we provide Mechanical Repairs for include;

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