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General Servicing

If your vehicle has not before been serviced at Pace Auto Werks, we recommend our Baseline Mechanical Service that consists of a comprehensive bumper to bumper review.

Pre-purchase Inspection

If you are looking to purchase a used German vehicle a pre-purchase inspection is a must to help avoid buying a vehicle with faults.

Air Conditioning

It is important that an accredited licensed repairer carries out any repairs to your air conditioning system.

Automotive Diagnostics

what happens when this technology doesn’t function at its optimum? When dealerships can’t get to the source of your vehicle’s issue?

Performance Tuning

Be sure to get an approved mechanic to work on your ECU, this is not something you should tamper with unless you know how.

Walnut Shell Blasting

You will notice the improvement in performance in your BMW, Audi, Volkswagen or Mercedes and your wallet will enjoy fuel the cost savings!

Brake Service

Almost all European vehicles are equipped with sensors that will illuminate a warning light on the instrument cluster when they are close to the end of their service life.

Timing Belt

An engine’s timing belt maintains the synchronicity of the reciprocating parts and requires replacement within the manufactures designated intervals.

Our Mechanical Services

Your safety on the road is paramount to us. That’s why your vehicle will be fully inspected in addition to carrying out your log book service, all in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

The servicing and maintenance of the modern European vehicle is a complex technical procedure that requires significant attention to detail to maintain your car’s safety, performance and value.

Even if your vehicle is still under warranty from the manufacturer, Pace Auto Werks is accredited to take care of all your servicing requirements, which are listed below.

The team are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and vehicle maintenance to customers in a transparent and friendly manner. We know you’ll enjoy the confidence you’ll have in your car when it is serviced by the professional team at Pace Auto Werks, West Perth, as many loyal customers already do.

prestige scheduled servicing

Each vehicle that comes in is inspected and serviced according to its individual requirements and condition. This can vary greatly depending on the conditions the car has been subject to and the frequency of servicing. Any items not within the agreed service scope requiring immediate attention will be priced and the customer contacted to authorise work prior to commencement. Lubricants and parts used in the Pace Auto Werks mechanic workshop are all high quality or are genuine replacement parts that the team recommend and would use on their own vehicles.

If your vehicle has not before been serviced at Pace Auto Werks, we recommend our Baseline Mechanical Service that consists of a comprehensive bumper to bumper review covering an overview of the vehicles condition. The Baseline Service, which includes a prioritised list of any items that require attention, an engine oil change and a new engine oil filter, starts at $415.00 but may increase depending on the type and quantity of oil required.

Almost all European vehicles will have a documented service interval schedule that dictates servicing requirements. These service intervals are an equation of distance traveled, running time and number of engine starts. The driver is notified when a service is via an illuminated service light on the dashboard. Under no circumstances should this warning light be ignored.

With advancements in automotive technologies, service intervals have been extended up around 25,000kms. This can equate services that are due every 2, 3, or 4 years without an inspection being performed. Due to this long interval, Pace Auto Werks recommends an interim service to replace the engine oil and filter, examine fluid levels, check brakes, lighting, and tyre pressures. This interim service is performed at the clients’ request, and can help maintain engine life and vehicle safety standards.

Pace Auto Werks do not believe in over servicing any vehicle or its components and their clear objective is to maintain the quality, safety and value of your European automotive investment.

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