Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

With new laws regulating the air conditioning industry set out by the Australian Refrigeration Council, it is most important that an accredited licensed repairer carries out any repairs to your air conditioning system as the gas used in the automotive air conditioning system is ozone depleting.

The process is strictly governed and the procedures must be adhered to without exception. The equipment used must be fastidiously maintained and checked for leaks and condition regularly.

Pace Auto Werks has full accreditation to carry out any automotive air conditioning service and repairs to your vehicle. Our experienced team will ensure that your air conditioning system is operating to capacity and the process is completely environmentally sound and safe. All work carried out is guaranteed.

Car Air Conditioner

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Pace has the very latest ”Robinair” Air-conditioning servicing machine from Europe that ensures you’re A/C system is serviced to the exact manufactures parameters.

It is very important to evacuate, measure and inject the correct amounts of R134a gas, fluro dye and Pag oil in a vehicle system for it to be able to operate to its capacity. The new machine does all this while evaluating the system for efficiency and leaks in the process.

This service is carried out from $195. Of course if we establish your system has a leak, that will need to be investigated and a repair carried out to commission the system back to a satisfactory working order.

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