Performance Tuning

All modern vehicle engines have their tuning controlled by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), a small computer that receives information from multiple sensors on the engine, transmission, braking and other operating systems and adjusts fuel delivery and ignition settings at around 200 times a second. They are constantly reading how you drive and adapting themselves to your driving style and requirements.

Be sure to get an approved mechanic to work on your ECU, this is not something you should tamper with unless you know how.

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EXCLUSIVE TO PACE AUTO WERKS – The new VIEZU Performance and Fuel Economy Tuning Technology

Almost all engine ECU’s are dumbed down from the factory to compensate for poor quality fuel and poor servicing (ie: blocked filters , worn spark plugs etc). By re-mapping the ECU operating parameters to maximize your engines potential, fantastic gains can be made in the vehicle’s torque, power and general drive-ability. Pace Auto Werks can now performance tune almost everything from the latest Lamborghini down to your lawnmower (for those who want to inject some zip into the laborious job of mowing). This service is EXCLUSIVE to Pace Auto Werks and not available anywhere else in Perth.

These include:

  • Improved power and torque
  • Greater engine flexibility
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Smoother throttle response

Turbo charged cars receive the greatest gains, however, naturally aspirated vehicles become much more lively and responsive, not to mention greater fuel economy through increased efficiency. The process happens over a couple of days, firstly we need to download information from your vehicle’s ECU with a general report on the engine’s condition, then this information is sent to VEIZU for re-mapping tailored to your vehicle. The next day we will receive the re-mapped software to upload into your car. The cost for this is from $795 and varies depending on your make and model. You will recoup this in the years to come in fuel economy and driving pleasure.

The tunes are tailored to remain within the manufactures design parameters so no damage will occur, however it may expose any weak links earlier. We can also request a tune above these parameters but you will need to sign a disclaimer to go there.

Click on the link below for performance comparison graphs and estimated gains data for your vehicle. Be sure to select the correct model, engine etc.

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