Repairs Perth

The Best Repairs Perth Services from Pace Motors

As any owner of a German car knows, it can be difficult to get consistent, quality repairs and maintenance. It is essential to keep your modern European vehicle in prime condition and with the complex technical procedures required for upkeep some mechanics refuse to touch them. So, that leaves the option of going to a dealer and paying higher prices for maintenance and repairs, right? No, thankfully there is a company that can help; Pace Motors located in West Perth. They offer services such as air conditioning services, oil servicing, inspections, and performance tuning, and services of repairs for any type of issue. They are an independent and fully accredited service centre.

This company offers all of the latest in auto logic, diagnostic, scanning and performance tuning technologies along with their highly skilled and experienced technicians. Pace Motors has been providing repairs Perth and maintenance services for the German cars since 1999 and are ready to repair your German car with the utmost expertise. They provide attention to detail and take pride in great customer care and high customer satisfaction rate. German cars such as the BMW, Audi, Benz and VW are unparalleled to any other car in the way they are built. So, they need a specialist to work on them and keep them running.

German Car Specialist for Repairs Perth

The technology in German cars requires great attention to detail and vast knowledge of the mechanisms; only a German car specialist is truly capable of successfully working on a German car. Pace Motors is owned and operated by Simon and Kim Locke. Simon is a member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and has been servicing German cars for more than a decade now. With that much experience, you can be assured that they know what they are doing.

The Locke’s with their expert staff make sure that Pace Motors is a friendly, professional service that makes every customer 100% satisfied. Pace Motors is also accredited to maintain and perform repairs for your vehicle while it is under warranty. They also provide a buyer’s guide for those interested. So, no matter what type of service your German car needs, Pace Motors is there to help.

Never accept second best or pay too much at a dealer again. Pace Motors provides repairs Perth for almost every vehicle, especially German cars of BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, and Mini. So, if you own one and are looking for a German car specialist for repairs Perth, be sure to check out Pace Motors and see what they can do.

Vehicles we provide Mechanical Repairs for include;

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