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Your Audi Specialists in Perth

Your Audi deserves a high-quality service by an experienced, trained technician. You deserve to relax with the knowledge that a team of dedicated experts who have a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of your Audi, will be taking care of your vehicle.

Servicing your vehicle at Pace’s service centre provides you with this peace of mind. For us, the safety and reliability of your vehicle is our primary concern.

For every annual Audi service provided, we will offer you a comprehensive safety inspection. This gives you a snapshot of your Audi vehicle’s condition as well as identifying any potential future issues through preventative maintenance.

For us, it’s essential when servicing your vehicle, to ensure it receives the ultimate in Audi care. The team at Pace has the technological expertise, accreditation, and mechanical experience required to keep your vehicle operating to its optimal safety, performance, and value. You can trust us to do it right.

Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and maintaining our customer’s vehicles with transparency. You can be confident in the work carried out by our team of Audi specialists when servicing your vehicle.

Audi steering wheel

Dedicated and experienced Audi mechanics

Audi Service experts in perth

We offer a wide range of Audi services including:

  • Pre-purchase inspections and End of Warranty Inspections
  • Audi Log-Book Servicing
  • Audi Diagnostics & Diagnosis Repair
  • Audi Brake Repairs and Brake Replacement
  • Audi High Performance Tuning
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Drive Belt Replacement
  • Walnut Shell Blasting
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Re Gas & Service
  • Battery Replacement
  • Cooling System and Radiator Repairs

Diagnostic Audi Repairs

Audi cars are designed to provide you with an exceptional driving experience you can’t get anywhere else. What happens when your vehicle develops an issue no one can identify and diagnose in Perth?

Audi repair begins with a diagnostic analysis performed by a professional using specialised technology.

Is your vehicle making unusual sounds or isn’t driving how it should? Our team has the experience, skills and quality workmanship to diagnose and repair any issues that your vehicle may be facing.

With our knowledgeable team and our specialised automotive diagnostic service, we can find the solution to your vehicle’s issues.

Why it’s important to see a technician when something isn’t right with your Audi

If you notice something wrong with your Audi, you should get it looked at by the professionals at Pace as soon as possible. Issues with vehicles that are left unchanged or unresolved usually lead to problems in the future and can potentially cost you even more in repairs and part replacements.

Audi service Specialists Perth

Specialist Audi Car Service

As Audi owners, it is imperative that your vehicle’s performance stays at an optimal standard, regardless of the age and kilometres the vehicle has driven. This is why regular and comprehensive Audi servicing is the key to ensuring your vehicle’s safety, reliability, and longevity is maintained.

Your vehicle is a highly engineered and precision-designed machine which is why it deserves to be treated appropriately. We use and sell only the highest quality Audi products and parts when we service and maintain your vehicle.

Our commitment to quality servicing and inspections of your Audi, along with our extensive experience with German vehicles, ensures we can confidently identify potential issues that may be of concern in the future. Our technicians have decades of experience with Audi car servicing, maintenance, repair, diagnosing, and chip tuning so we certainly help you with all your car needs.

Almost all engine ECU’S are programmed to a set standard from the factory to compensate for poor quality fuel and poor servicing (ie: blocked filters, worn spark plugs, etc).

By performing a remap of your Audi ECU, we can expand the operating limitations to maximise your engine’s potential to achieve greater torque, power, and drivability. 

The benefits of re-tuning your engine ECU include:

  • Improved power and torque
  • Greater engine flexibility
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Smoother throttle response

Turbo-charged vehicles will receive the greatest performance improvements, while naturally aspirated engines will become livelier and more responsive. Overall, your Audi’s fuel economy will be greatly increased with a performance tuning.

Have your Audi perform like never before

With the optimisation of your engine management software, we can attain an increase of engine power and torque of up to 30% – all within the safety parameters of the manufacturer’s standards.

With our experience and proven success in the area of software optimisation, we can guarantee the highest quality and longevity of all our products used.

Your Local, Independent Audi technicians

Why Choose Independent?

Get to know your Audi Technician

  • As a proudly independent workshop, we offer a unique perspective that is completely different to the dealerships. Our team work together to provide you with a quality service where your vehicle is treated on a current condition and requirements basis.
  • We offer a friendly alternative to dealerships, and we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and their vehicles. Our Audi mechanics possess the drive and enthusiasm that’s necessary when investigating any unusual issues that arise outside of the dealership’s normal scope of work.
  • Our team is happy to discuss any issues your vehicle is experiencing and work with you to ensure your Audi operates at its optimal performance level.

High quality Audi service

  • Our independent workshop has been operating in West Perth for over 20 years and we are proud to be able to offer you high quality, fully comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Save on Your Perth Audi

  • We source our Audi parts from a variety of suppliers, using only genuine and quality aftermarket parts and consumables.
  • We are a Castrol Oils endorsed company.
  • Our years of experience in the industry ensures your Audi meets its optimal specifications and provides you with a drive like no other.

Certified Technicians

  • Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge in servicing, maintaining, and repairing all makes of German vehicles.
  • Our team of highly skilled, specialist technicians have a passion for their work and can assure your vehicle will be maintained and serviced to the highest standard.
  • The team at Pace Auto Werks are certified to work on all vehicle makes and models. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services from your annual vehicle inspection and service, through to complex vehicle issues and repairs.

Why Choose Pace Auto Werks

Pace Auto Werks is conveniently situated on Newcastle Street, West Perth, and has been owned and operated by Simon and Kim Locke for over 15 years. We’re a fully accredited and licensed repair workshop, and together with our highly trained and skilled technicians, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience across the German marques of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Mini, and Porsche. Our customer service and satisfaction are second to none.

We are current and active members of the Motor Traders Association (MTA of WA) and the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME). We are also fully licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council to carry out all automotive air conditioning services and repairs.

Our workshop is a clean, modern, organised, and sophisticated environment, incorporating the latest diagnostic scanning technology and tooling. We are proud to offer a friendly and affordable alternative to the dealerships for all auto services, diagnostics, and maintenance for modern German vehicles. 

Our team of highly skilled and motivated Audi service and repair technicians are focused on providing high-quality over quantity service.

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