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The maintenance requirements of your braking system may not coincide with the vehicle service intervals, however, almost all European vehicles are equipped with sensors that will illuminate a warning light on the instrument cluster when they are close to the end of their service life.

Usually around 1,000 km can be travelled after this light is illuminated before the vehicle will become unsafe to drive. We strongly recommend acting upon any warning light at the earliest possible time to avoid safety risks and excessive damage to your vehicle.

A report on your brake components condition and an estimate of the remaining service life is supplied with every vehicle serviced.


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Please note that a current Registration Plate Number or VIN/Chassis number will be required to prepare quotations.

Brake Repairs & Brake Service

When replacing your brake friction components there is a cleaner option to the standard metallic brake pads that contaminate your rims with black brake dust.

This is the ceramic brake pad option that is available for most makes and models of vehicles. This is an almost dust free, long life, no squeal brake pad with a fantastic feel on the brake pedal.

Why Ceramic Brake Pads?

Ceramic pads reduce the amount of wear on the brake disc and reduce by up to 95% of the brake dust build up that stains most magnesium wheels. The cost of the ceramic brake pads compared to standard pads is approximately 25% extra, but the benefits far out-weigh the cost.

If you love clean wheels and a smooth feel in the brake pedal, these pads are well worth the small investment. You now have the options of a standard brake service using OEM (manufacturer approved) components, a ceramic brake pad on standard rotors option or an upgrade to a high grade rotor and pad package delivering above average braking efficiency for performance and track applications.

Prices are available upon request for all brake servicing procedures and requirements.

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