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Air Conditioning Service

With new laws regulating the air conditioning industry set out by the Australian Refrigeration Council, it is most important that an accredited licensed repairer carries out any air conditioning repairs to your vehicle as the gas used in the automotive air conditioning system is ozone depleting.

The process is strictly governed and the procedures must be adhered to without exception. The equipment used must be fastidiously maintained and leak tests and conditions checks conducted regularly.

Pace Auto Werks has full accreditation to carry out any auto air conditioning services and major repairs to your vehicle. Our experienced team will ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is operating to capacity and the process is completely environmentally sound and safe. All work carried out is guaranteed as part of our honest service.

Car Air Conditioning

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Please note that a current Registration Plate Number or VIN/Chassis number will be required to prepare quotations.

Car Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Did you know that the function of a car air conditioning system is not only to cool the cabin in summer but to also be used with the climate control system to dry the air, enabling the demisting of your windscreen during winter?

Pace has the very latest air conditioning servicing equipment from Europe that ensures your car air con system is serviced to the exact manufacturer’s parameters and specifications.

Maintaining Your Prestige Auto’s Air Conditioning Unit

It is very important to evacuate, measure and inject the correct amounts of R134a gas, fluoro dye and Pag oil into a vehicle’s air conditioner for it to be able to operate to its capacity. The new machine does all this while evaluating the system for peak efficiency and can identify leaks in the process.

Should your air con system fail the testing procedure, we will need to identify the leaks location and quote on a repair to commission the system back to a satisfactory working order. It is illegal for us to just top up a leaking air conditioning system and, by law, we must decommission the system if the necessary repair is not undertaken.

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Frequently Asked questions

Regular servicing is recommended every 1-2 years to ensure optimal performance of car air conditioning systems and to prevent any major issues arising.

Common signs that your vehicle’s air con needs a service include weak airflow, strange noises, a musty smell and the blowing of warm air instead of cold air.

A typical service may include checking refrigerant levels, inspecting for leaks, cleaning or replacing the air filters and ensuring the proper function of all components.

If you suspect a leak, it is crucial to have your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible. This prevents further damage from occurring and ensures the system operates efficiently.