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Walnut Blasting

Modern German engines are the pinnacle of technological development. Prestige vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Mini, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen spend billions of dollars every year on research and development to create an engine that provides the ultimate driving experience whilst working within both environmental and governmental guidelines. As a result, the induction systems of modern engines are subject to processing more toxic crankcase and exhaust gases than ever before.

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Inlet Port and Valve Blast Cleaning

The by-product of complying with these regulations and operational demands is that the engine’s induction ports and valves become choked up with heavy carbon deposits, particularly if the vehicle is being run on regular unleaded fuel. Regular unleaded is not as refined as the premium fuels, being full of additives which the refineries use to bring the quality up to a usable product for less cost.

These heavy carbon deposits severely interrupt the flow of air into the cylinders, decreasing engine efficiency dramatically and, in-turn, reducing fuel economy significantly. The end result is a sluggish engine that consumes excess fuel as it struggles to produce power and cannot operate at peak efficiency.

Mini inlet ports pre walnut blast
Mini inlet valve post walnut blast

Having identified that there was a definite need for inlet port cleaning services to BMW, Mini, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz owners here in Perth and Western Australia, Pace Auto Werks has filled this niche with our new walnut blasting equipment. This genuine BMW manufactured equipment utilizes crushed walnut shell in a variety of grades to blast under pressure through various adapters, into and around the cylinder head inlet ports and valves. The walnut shell has a soft yet abrasive effect that removes all carbon deposits in this area, leaving the inlet ports and valves thoroughly cleaned and to the same standard as when the engine was first built. The medium used ensures that there is no possibility of engine or metal damage, and is a totally safe process.

The effect of improving the air flow into the engine is dramatic. The engine operates as it would when new, with more power and zip. Fuel economy also improves, almost back to brand new levels. You will notice the improvement in performance in your BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mini or Mercedes-Benz and your wallet will enjoy the fuel cost savings!

The cost of this process varies, as the inlet manifold has to be removed for access to all vehicles. The depth of difficulty of this process varies significantly, depending on the engine in the vehicle, etc. BMW, Mini Cooper and Cooper S engines are particularly vulnerable to carbon build-up due to the location of the fuel injectors, frequently logging engine “super knocking” fault codes as the fuel is not being atomised and processed efficiently.

As this is not a service currently offered by independent workshops anywhere in Western Australia, Pace is your one and only stop for this innovative and unique process. To discuss whether walnut blast cleaning your engine inlet ports is an option for your vehicle, or to make a booking, please contact us on 9227 8772.

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