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By Simon Locke / September 21, 2017

A Google search will bring up multiple pages and forums detailing several Audi engine models which have been identified as having a poor piston oil control ring design. Unfortunately, for owners of vehicles with these engines, this flaw results in excessively high engine oil consumption which, at its worst, can…Read More


Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / August 17, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, not all air bags found on motor vehicles are part of the vehicle safety devices and occupant restraint system. In fact, many of the modern SUVS have been built with air bag suspension systems. These air bag suspension systems have replaced the steel coil springs located…Read More

Water and ECUs Don’t Mix!

BMW, Mechanical Service, Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / August 11, 2017

Ever wondered what happens when you continually park under that lovely shady tree? You know, the one that unfortunately drops leaves, nuts and twigs onto your car? Over time, you will find that the vegetative debris from that beautiful tree will eventually build up and may block the windscreen plenum…Read More

Why Choose the Right VW Service?

Pace Auto Werks
By Simon Locke / June 12, 2017

Why Choose the Right VW Service? It is very important to make sure that you are only dealing with a reliable VW Service centre when it comes to having your beloved VW car repaired, serviced, or maintained. A lot of people say that Volkswagens are quite expensive to repair, while…Read More