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Pre-purchase Inspection

If you are looking to purchase a used German vehicle, a pre-purchase inspection is a must to help you avoid buying a vehicle with faults and defects and will identify current service requirements.

It is a fact that no one ever sells a car that is in perfect running order and recently serviced. A thorough bumper to bumper inspection of the vehicle’s present condition and service history is the only way to make an informed decision when buying a pre-owned vehicle.

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Please note that a current Registration Plate Number or VIN/Chassis number will be required to prepare quotations.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Process

Any issues that are identified during the inspection are documented for you, giving you a clear as possible understanding of any faults or defects that are identified. We will also provide you with relevant information regarding repair costs of any faults found.
Once the inspection has been completed, the information within the report remains your intellectual property and is not discussed with the seller.

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