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The Benefits of Walnut Blasting

Return your engine to factory power and efficiency with walnut blasting from the experts at Pace Auto Werks. If you’re ready to return your vehicle to peak engine performance, this is the insight you’ve been waiting for.

What Is Walnut Blasting?

The process of walnut blasting involves cleaning the intake manifold and valves of a vehicle’s engine through high pressure blasting of finely crushed walnut shells. A biodegradable abrasive, walnut shells assist in clearing carbon build up in petrol direct injection (PDI) vehicle engines. The blasting process assists in ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and engine performance back to ‘as new’ specifications.

Direct injection engines are designed to improve a vehicle’s fuel economy by injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber. A drawback of this configuration is the carbon deposit build up on the intake valves, formed when trace amounts of engine oil leak past valve seals as a part of normal engine operation, and then bake onto the valves.

Why Should I Have Walnut Blasting Done On My Vehicle?

Most modern engines utilize a fuel injection system called “Direct Injection”. Within this process during valve overlap when both valves are open, exhaust gases are briefly pushed back into the inlet ports. Carbon build-up is a byproduct of this process.

Carbon build up interferes with the vehicle’s normal airflow, altering the compression ratio, operating temperature and overall efficiency. Carbon builds up and coats the inside of your vehicle’s intake ports, valves and combustion chambers, which restricts your engine’s ability to ‘breathe.’

There are a few telltale signs you will notice if your vehicle’s engine has carbon build ups, including:

  • Gradual loss of power over time
  • Engine misfiring (not specific to a cylinder)
  • Extended cranking / start times
  • Random engine misfires
  • Check engine light codes
  • Sluggishness

The Benefits of Walnut Blasting

Walnut blasting carbon build ups from your engine can lead to a range of benefits. As carbon is hard and tough when formed manually, it requires comprehensive and demanding cleaning to remove it from your intake valves. Walnut blasting is a way for vehicle owners to avoid the costly and time consuming process of stripping the engine and cleaning the components by hand.

Effective Carbon Removal

Walnut blasting effectively removes stubborn carbon deposits from an engine’s intake valves, restoring original function. This process improves airflow within the engine, combustion efficiency and fuel atomisation, in turn resulting in reduced emissions and smoother performance.

  1. Engine Airflow Improvements: The walnut blasting process clears carbon deposits from your intake valves, enabling a smoother airflow and enhanced ‘breathing’ for your engine. This can lead to improvements in combustion efficiency, leading to reduced emissions and increased power delivery.
  2. Enhanced Combustion Efficiency: Walnut blasting ensures effective combustion of the air-fuel mixture, enhancing responsiveness, engine performance and overall efficiency.
  3. Improved Fuel Atomisation: Through the removal of built up carbon, walnut blasting promotes better fuel distribution during combustion, improving fuel economy and leading to a cleaner engine operation.
  4. Smooth Performance: When carbon deposits are removed, the engine operates more smoothly, resulting in quieter operation, reduced vibration and an improved throttle response. This all contributes to a far more enjoyable driving experience.

Restores Efficiency

By eliminating carbon build up, air intake into the engine is optimised. This leads to an improved fuel economy, as vehicle engines operate more efficiently with better air-to-fuel ratios. Additionally, throttle response becomes more immediate, assisting in enhancing the vehicles overall driveability and responsiveness.

Prevents Engine Damage

As mentioned, carbon deposits disrupt airflow which can lead to engine misfires or damage to the valves. Walnut blasting can be utilised as a preventative maintenance service, removing the deposits and mitigating risks of engine issues such as hesitation, rough idling or a loss of power. This can assist in reducing the likelihood of costly, major repairs down the track.

Extends Engine Lifespan

With cleaner intake valves and improved combustion thanks to walnut blasting, your vehicle’s engine will operate more smoothly and with reduced stress. This can lead to a longer engine lifespan, as the components are subject to less wear and tear. Regular walnut blasting maintenance can assist in preserving the vehicle’s overall longevity.

Environmentally Friendly Methodology

Walnut blasting is an environmentally friendly technique of cleaning your vehicle’s engine when compared to chemical-based methods. Walnut shells, a biodegradable product, aid in minimising environmental impact by reducing waste and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

Why Choose Pace Auto Werks?

Conveniently located in West Perth, Pace Auto Werks is a family owned and operated team of factory trained technicians with a wealth of knowledge across European marques. With a wealth of knowledge and experience with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles, we strive to provide a level of service and customer satisfaction that is second to none.

Having identified there was a definite need for inlet port cleaning services to German vehicles in Perth, Pace Auto Werks invested in walnut blasting equipment, allowing us to deliver walnut blasting services to car owners. Our equipment is genuine BMW manufactured and utilises crushed walnut shells in a variety of grades to be blasted under pressure. With various adaptors available, our service technicians can clear out carbon deposits from around the cylinder head inlet ports and valves of your vehicle.

To book your vehicle in for a walnut blasting service, get in touch today!