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Cutting Edge Automotive Diagnostics

Cutting Edge Automotive Diagnostics


As an owner of a modern German vehicle, you would be more than aware of the levels of technology that, by working together, create the precision built piece of elite mechanical engineering that you drive. When operating perfectly, your vehicle provides you with a ride like no other, a truly beautiful driving experience.


automotive diagnostics vehicleBut what happens when this technology doesn’t function at its optimum? When dealerships cannot get to the source of your vehicle’s issue? Where do you turn for help?

This is when the specialised automotive diagnostic service that Pace Auto Werks provides can bring a solution to your driving issues.

As you can appreciate, to accurately diagnose many of the complicated issues that arise in the latest model vehicles involves highly evolved and complicated technology. This is usually so time-consuming and technically complicated, even the dealerships are reluctant to take these jobs on.

Pace is often a last stop shop for automotive diagnostics for the motor vehicle trade as we have the equipment, knowledge, dedicated skills and persistence to get to the bottom of the most complicated and difficult to resolve issues.

Our highly skilled and constantly up-trained technicians, who possess a singular passion for their work well beyond that of the regular mechanic, bury themselves in a difficult problem, often after hours until the fault is correctly diagnosed and a resolution path for our customers is achieved.

Pace has a comprehensive range of the very latest automotive diagnostic and scanning technology, including live data acquisition, that enables us to look at the values and data of all system components to identify the breakdown in electronic units and wiring looms.

Automotive diagnostics is an inherently time-consuming procedure, but here at Pace we are prepared to invest the time and equipment as well as continually develop our staff’s skill sets to remain at the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology to get the problem sorted for you, our valued customers.