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An Insiders Look at Car Servicing at Pace

Every day we have a range of vehicles being dropped off at Pace for a service. Last week, for example, we had a mixture of BMWs (including 130i, 325i, 335i and X5s), Audis (A3s, Audi A4s, and A6), Volkswagens (Golf, Tiguan and Polo); and Mercedes Benz (ML270, CLS350 and SLK250) in here at Pace for car servicing.

Audi Car Servicing
Audi Car Servicing

“Exciting stuff”, you might say, but have you ever wondered what exactly happens to that BMW (or Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Audi or Porsche) of yours once we take collection of your keys?

So, to satisfy your curiosity, we thought we’d take you through a service as it happens. Regardless of whether your vehicle is an ever popular 3-Series, elegant Mercedes, an iconic M3, luxurious Porsche Cayenne or an ever enduring Mini Cooper or VW Beetle, each vehicle is treated as you’d like it to be treated.

Your service starts when you drop your vehicle off to us in West Perth. This is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss with us any concerns you may have with your vehicle. For example, your Audi Allroad may have lights on the dash or the air conditioning in your VW Touareg is not cooling as well as it used to.

As soon as your car keys are handed over to our staff they are tagged and stored securely. New customer’s vehicle details (VIN or Chassis numbers, build date, etc) are recorded and entered into our database to allow for quick reference when ordering parts.

Our technicians collect your vehicle and, if necessary, are briefed by our office staff on any special requirements or items you may have discussed when dropping your vehicle off. A thorough visual inspection is undertaken prior to the vehicle being taken down to the workshop. If you have mentioned any issues while driving such as vibration while driving, running rough when idling at the lights or from a cold start or even a headlight or indicator with a blown globe, these are discussed with the technician who may take the vehicle for a test drive prior to starting your service.

Once your vehicle has arrived in our workshop, its lighting functions are checked and noted so that any globes that are blown can be replaced. It is then driven onto our hoists and your car service begins. We will go through our car servicing checklist to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly looked after.

BMW Car Service
BMW Car Service

There are a variety of service levels that each make and model of vehicle require. Most BMWs from 2002 onwards operate on a CBS or conditioned based service model where the vehicle indicates what service items it is required. As a BMW owner, you’ll see this when the service indicator light appears on your dash.

For vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Mini and Porsche, a maintenance schedule system is in place. This schedule details when items such as your transmission requires servicing and your timing belt is due for replacement.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is operating on a CBS system or a maintenance schedule, it is essential that, to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently, a service be carried out on a yearly basis. In the space of a year, your belts could crack and this could catastrophic damage to your engine (think anchor instead of engine!), your brakes could reach their minimum specs and no longer be operating at peak efficiency and an oil leak might result in an engine seizing. Regular servicing ensures that the majority of calamities never occur.

As part of our standard service, your engine oil and oil filter are changed. Your air, cabin and fuel filters are inspected, as are your spark plugs. Once these items have been inspected, our technicians will note your vehicle’s service requirements and proceed onto your thorough vehicle inspection.

Your wheels and tyres are thoroughly checked, brake discs and pads measured, hoses checked and brake fluid measured and tested for moisture content. Your entire under bonnet area is checked for fluid leaks such as oil or coolant and items topped up, if necessary. Your belts and pulleys are checked for cracks and suppleness, the battery to ensure that it is holding a charge and your coolant glycol level is satisfactory.

Our technicians also check all your internal light functions and your wipers and nozzle functions. Your vehicle’s suspension, shock absorbers and springs are thoroughly checked as is your entire steering system. Your exhaust system is checked for leaks to ensure it is operating efficiently and your driveline system including your transmission and differential are examined.

Once the inspection has been finalised, we contact you to discuss your service requirements. For example, your vehicle may need, in addition to its engine oil and oil filter, a replacement air filter and brake fluid flush. If you have any questions, this is the perfect opportunity for you to chat with Simon or Kim and bring up any queries you may have regarding your vehicle and its service.

Once you have given us your approval, our technicians will commence your service and you will be contacted by our staff as soon your vehicle is ready for collection.

Anything out of the ordinary that our technicians find during their inspection is listed on your invoice so you are aware of any work that may need to be undertaken on your vehicle at a later stage.

Servicing your car doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Here at Pace we do our utmost to make it an easy and pleasant experience for you. We want you to walk away knowing that we care as much about your vehicle as you do and, regardless of whether you drive an AMG, a BMX X3 or a Audi Q7, to us you are a valued customer and we look forward to helping you enjoy your vehicle.