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Why You Need Oil Changes

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car engine if you don’t book in a service…ever?

Carbonised oil on the vehicle's engine
Carbonised oil on the vehicle’s engine

The photo’s below show a job our technicians undertook last year. And boy, it was a big one. This 2004 BMW X3 has probably only had one or two oil changes since it drove out of the dealership.

Oil is an integral part of the vehicle’s engine. It lubricates, protects, cools and cleans the engine. In this case, the oil had become dirty and had carbonised which, if left untreated, would have resulted in a perished engine.

Our technicians spent over 30+ hours working on and cleaning this engine. The engine top

Close up of the engine, covered with the carbonised oil
Close up of the engine, covered with the carbonised oil

end was completely covered in carbonised oil, which was choking the oil ways and fouling the oil delivery to the valve train. Our staff carefully removed all carbon deposits from the engine, flushed the oil and ran the engine.

As the oil pressure was still low, our technicians then drained the oil and removed the engine sump which was, once again, full of sludge and blocking up the oil pick up strainer, thus removing any residual carbon debris, before replacing the oil and filter. Once these steps were finished, the engine was able to run smoothly with full oil pressure.

This time consuming and delicate work ultimately saved the engine from premature failure and has kept the X3 running smoothly for the last year.

The engine sump (bottom), covered in carbonised oil
The engine sump (bottom), covered in carbonised oil
The engine sump (bottom) cleaned
The engine sump (bottom) cleaned
Debris from carbonised oil on engine
Debris from carbonised oil on engine

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