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Mercedes Benz Core Classes Explained

Mercedes Benz utilises a letter class system on their core range of vehicles – but what do they mean?

Origins of the Mercedes Class System

The Mercedes lettered class system was adopted during the early 1980s, thought to have drawn inspiration from BMW’s numerical sizing system. During this time, few people predicted the exponential growth of the automotive industry to result in the massively diverse market available today. Nowadays, there are still hints of Mercedes Benz’s original size-classing within their core range of vehicles, but with a varied range of cars available, there are many exceptions to the rule.

Core Classes

Ranging from small city-suited vehicles to giant SUVs appropriate for off-road use, and everything in between, there is plenty of choices for the consumer. Let’s explore each mainstream Mercedes Benz class in a bit more depth.


The A-Class Mercedes Benz is a sleek and compact hatchback that is ideal for motorists living in metropolitan areas. It still has enough sporting pedigree to blast along the coast or through the countryside.

The interior of the car is very modern – in fact the A Class was one of the first Mercedes Benz vehicles to feature the MBUX operating system, which allows you to command your vehicle with your voice. The compact nature of the car simplifies parking and is suited for negotiating tight, multi-storey carparks.

For those who require slightly more space or prefer a more traditional look, the A Class range also features a sedan.


On a grander scale, the B Class was designed with the mission to reinvent the family vehicle – bigger and bolder but still a hatch.

The B Class wraps substance and practicality into a singular package, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to move children and their countless belongings around on a regular basis. The B Class is synonymous with a combination of style, smoothness and interior spaciousness.

Featuring a sliding sunroof which enhances the vehicle’s openness, as well as generous levels of comfort and safety – the B Class really is the new kind of family vehicle.


The C-Class is a classic and classy sedan from the Mercedes Benz core range. It represents one of the manufacturers most popular models, with more than 10 million C Classes sold worldwide since their launch in 1982. Throughout the pre-SUV era, the C Class was the go-to family vehicle for the affluent masses and was available as a station wagon – called the ‘Estate’ – for those who needed the extra space to transport surfboards, skis or four-legged friends.

Nowadays, the C Class is more technologically advanced than ever, featuring the latest in vehicle safety and comfort to provide owners with an unparalleled driving experience.

The C Class also comes as a convertible, which Mercedes Benz calls a ‘cabriolet,’ so you can feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair.


The E-Class is a dynamic, elegant and luxurious sedan that is bigger and more powerful than the C Class. This vehicle offers motorists more power, more space and even more refinement.

The exterior offers a bold, classic stance, but the interior is what really sets the E Class apart. It features larger, more comfortable seats and is extremely spacious throughout the vehicle – front, back and in the boot.

The E-Class is available as a convertible, as well as a plug-in hybrid for those drivers who are environmentally conscious and keen to explore the technology available.


At the pinnacle of the Mercedes Benz core range is the S Class – a series of luxurious sedans and limousines that are known for their driving quality, effortless performance and cutting-edge technology.

The S Class stands out as the showcase line of vehicles that Mercedes Benz uses to debut new, advanced technology and features – such as semi-autonomous driving and E-Active Body Control, a suspension system that can individually control spring and damping forces at each wheel.

An experience on wheels, the S Class is created for the elite of the elite, being a popular choice amongst celebrities and leaders of industry.

Further Classifications

Mercedes Benz also utilises additional letters added onto their classes to signify further details about the vehicles. The ‘CL’ addition to the core class lettering means that the vehicle is a four-door couple, and therefore applies to only the four-door coupes on the Mercedes line-up.

Another common lettered classification is ‘SL’. This naming convention signifies that the vehicle is classified as a Roadster – a two-door car that features a hard top convertible roof.

Lastly, there are a range of vehicles that feature the letters ‘GL’. This prefix is a nod to the famous, signature Mercedes Benz G Class SUV – the flagship SUV of the manufacturer. Any vehicle with the GL classification is considered as an SUV.

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