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Are Audis Reliable Vehicles?

Reliability is key factor when deciding to purchase a vehicle, particularly if you want to drive the car for a number of years.

Is Audi A Reliable Manufacturer?

The reliability of Audi vehicles has fluctuated over time. The early models of their cars were often labelled as a sinkhole of problems, whereas newer models are regarded in a far more positive light. A number of factors are considered when determining the dependability of a vehicle. These key points include the cost of repairs, breakdown frequency and severity of unscheduled repairs, amongst others. As prestige German automobiles, Audi’s often carry slightly higher than average annual repair costs, and experts estimate that Audi owners visit repair workshops approximately 0.8 times annually.

Known for their comfort, performance and driving experience, Audi vehicles afford their owners a range of benefits. Audi is renowned for developing an extremely comfortable interior across a range of their models with additional features including ergonomic controls, cup holders and heated seats. These additions help to improve the overall driving experience on long commutes or when held up in traffic. As prestige German vehicles, Audi’s are also synonymous with luxury. Utilising top quality materials and technology throughout both the interior and exterior of the car, Audi has cemented itself among other luxurious makes like Mercedes Benz and BMW. The performance of Audi vehicles cannot be overlooked either as a premium has been placed on the development of powerful engines and patented technology, including its iconic Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Potential Audi Problems

Some common issues that you may encounter as an Audi owner include:

Electrical Issues

Some Audi owners have complaints relating to their vehicle’s electrical system and a few Audi models are known to struggle with electrical problems, ranging from faulty tail-lights to issues with the battery to malfunctioning power windows. These are relatively common issues with some vehicles and can always be rectified.

Oil Leaks

Another common issue Audi owners run in to are oil leaks. These are generally caused due to aging gaskets in the engine, or from unchanged oil filters due to extended servicing intervals. External leaks will leave visible oil seeps around the engine or underneath the vehicle, sometimes producing a burning smell when the engine is hot.

Timing Belt Issues

Like all vehicles, Audis are not immune to general wear and tear despite regular maintenance. The timing belt of Audi’s are susceptible to wear and over time and may eventually fail if the replacement interval is not adhered to, being 4 years or 90,000kms, whichever comes first.  No warning signs of failure will be given, so do not ignore your service interval.

Spark Plug Faults

Spark plug faults have been reported by owners of a range of Audi models. Symptoms of these spark plug failures included engine misfires, rough idling, decreased performance and poor fuel economy. Again, adhering to the service interval will avoid any issues here.

Exhaust Issues

This can be a costly issue if encountered. Some Audi models experience issues with the catalytic converter. A Catalytic converter is designed to burn off any unburnt fuel from the combustion process, and failure will always be due to the engine not running properly from over-fuelling.

Audi Servicing & Repairs

To keep your Audi performing to an optimal level it is recommended that preventative maintenance is undertaken. This ensures that everything is running smoothly and allows minor faults to be found before they become costly repairs. Regular maintenance of vital components of your vehicle is essential to keeping your car reliable, safe and enjoyable to drive.

Each model of Audi comes with its own service interval requirements and associated costs. As a prestige vehicle, Audi parts can be slightly more expensive when compared to other manufacturers of everyday passenger vehicles. Simple components are generally inexpensive, however high-tech and modern parts carry a greater expense.

How Can Pace Auto Werks Help?

Give your Audi the high-quality service it deserves with the experienced technicians at Pace Auto Werks. Relax with the knowledge that dedicated experts with a thorough understanding of unique Audi requirements will be taking care of your pride and joy.

Servicing your vehicle with the team at Pace Auto Werks gives you the peace of mind that your vehicles safety and reliability is at the forefront of everything we do.

For all annual Audi servicing, we offer a comprehensive safety inspection to give you a snapshot of your vehicle’s condition and identifying any potential issues that may arise.

Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and maintaining our customer’s vehicles with transparency. We are equipped with the technological and mechanical expertise and required accreditations to keep your vehicle operating safely.

To book a service, get in touch with us today!