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What You Need To Know About Log Book Independent Agent Servicing

What You Need To Know About Log Book Independent Agent Servicing

Vehicle maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that you can always rely on your car. When it comes to high-end German vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes Benz, it becomes even more important to ensure that the recommended service schedule is followed to preserve its value. Log book servicing is the recommended servicing schedule as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. Over the years, this servicing has been done by official dealers and some specified garages. However, it is possible to get log book independent servicing from independent agents and not risk voiding your warranty as per Australian consumer protection rights.

When it comes to getting log book independent agent vehicle servicing, it is vital to make that you make the right choice when selecting the independent agent. This is especially so in the case of vehicles covered by manufacturer warranties. According to Australian consumer protection guidelines and regulations, it is possible for consumers to get log book servicing from independent agents without voiding their warranty as previously stated. However, for this to apply some conditions must be adhered to. These conditions are as described below.

Qualified/Licensed Mechanics

The log book independent agent vehicle servicing garage should only hire or assign qualified mechanics to work on vehicles that are still covered by the vehicle manufacturers. Warranties are offered by manufacturers provide for free servicing of the vehicle at the manufacturers expense. It is, therefore, no wonder that manufacturers rely on trained and qualified mechanics to correctly handle all repairs to ensure that there will be no more breakdowns. However, where the manufacturer realises that your car, which is under warranty is being serviced by unqualified mechanics they can and will void the warranty. When taking your car for log book independent Perth agent servicing remember to check whether they are qualified and have the right qualification certificates/licenses.

Appropriate, Quality Parts

Vehicle servicing normally requires regular replacement of various mechanical parts. For vehicles under warranty, it is vital to ensure that all parts replaced during log book independent agent servicing are of the appropriate quality range. As per the consumer protection guidelines, it is not important who the manufacturer of the parts is, the most important factor is the quality of such parts.  A warranty will remain in force in cases where a licensed independent agent replaces worn out parts with similarly performing parts that are of the same quality. Any parts installed during log book independent agent servicing that end up failing and cause more damage in the process leave the car owner liable to cover the damage repair and not the manufacturer or dealer who provided the warranty.

When it comes to valuable vehicles such as Audi, Mini, VW, Porsche and those mentioned above log book independent agent maintenance should be strictly left to licensed professionals. Pace Auto Werks offers specialist servicing of all German cars all done by qualified professionals and high quality OEM and genuine parts.